AC Servicing Near Me

AC Servicing Near Me


About AC Servicing Near Me in Hyderabad

Toskie helps users to save time and effort by connecting them with the right AC repair experts that cater to user requirements effortlessly. Share your requirements by filling up a simple click-through form with basic details to help you serve better. Based on your needs, shortlisted AC Servicing Near Me experts will get in touch with the users via calls and SMS to discuss their offerings and service quotes. Users can compare, evaluate, and book an expert to enjoy a pleasant service.

Toskie offers top-notch AC technicians in all the major areas of Hyderabad and aims to deliver the best quality service at affordable pricing. With Toskie’s smart selection, it is super easy to hire a verified AC service company or AC Servicing Near Me partnered with us to offer quality service . There are no middlemen or third-party agents involved when choosing any of the enlisted service providers in Toskie to avoid any additional charges. Connect with as many service providers as you like, get multiple quotes before hiring, and pay directly to the service provider once the job is done.

Frequent AC Issues in Hyderabad

Faulty AC bothering you? Try not to fiddle around and make it worse. Every appliance comes with a shelf life and with regular wear and tear, the air conditioner’s performance or efficiency may deteriorate. Timely maintenance is essential to be it AC cleaning, changing AC spare parts, filling up the gas, etc. depending on the requirement. Technical issues are best handled by the experts but as users, it is always advised to be aware of the basic AC issues and why it occurs. Listed below are some of the most common AC issues that warrant a AC Servicing Near Me to fix the same.

  • The AC airflow is slow

    This is an issue that can happen due to the Air conditioner not being serviced for a long period, which leads to the filters inside the air conditioner being clogged with dust particles and not letting the airflow from within the air conditioner. The filters of your AC being clogged indicates that the AC needs a service, and the filters need to be cleaned for the AC to work properly.
    You can, however, clean the filters on your own with the help of some water and a cleaning brush. But it is highly recommended to call in for an AC Servicing Near Me in Hyderabad to get the issue sorted out and give your air conditioner a thorough service. You will need to professionally clean your air conditioner filters at least once in two to three months. Get in touch with one of the AC experts listed on Toskie to get your issue sorted.

  • The AC is not cooling

    Before jumping to conclusion that your AC has issues, it is best to check if you have set the correct temperature and if the settings of the AC are proper. If not, adjust the settings properly and let the AC run for a while. If the issue persists, it could be an indication of your AC being low on coolant or a case of coolant leakage.
    Scheduling a service appointment with a trusted AC Servicing Near Me in Hyderabad is the best solution for this issue. Get in touch with the best Air conditioner repair expert in hyderabad through the Toskie listing.

  • Warm air from the Air conditioner

    A blast of hot air is the last thing you expect out of your Air conditioner in the middle of summer. The cause for this issue may be a frozen AC evaporator. A frozen evaporator is caused by the accumulation of dirt and dust in your AC. If the evaporator coil of your AC is frozen, it loses its ability to cool your room. It further causes damage to your AC evaporator coil, which results in it blowing warm air instead of cool air.
    The only way to solve this issue is to unfreeze your evaporator coil. Some of the newly built Ac’s have an automatic defrost mode which makes it easier. But, if your ac is not one of a kind, do not worry. Run your AC in the fan mode, or do not use your AC completely for a night. If the issue persists, give the AC Servicing Near Me in the Toskie listing a call.

  • Water dripping from the Air conditioner

    Every AC owner must have faced the problem of water spillage at least once. Water spillage from the indoor AC unit needs a quick fix. Generally, the indoor evaporator curls and the suction line tends to sweat, and so it is always kept enclosed in dark protection. Trickling can be caused if the protection layer is damaged and can be difficult to fix. Another reason can be that the evaporator expels abundant stickiness from the air and delivers a lot of water, which runs outside the curl into a dish with a channel. The channel might be directed to the drain or the ground.

  • Noises from the Air conditioner

    Unusual Noise coming from your Air conditioner is not an issue that should be overlooked. Initially, these noises might seem annoying, but they can indicate something damaging to your Air conditioner. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take action regarding the noise issue immediately.
    The Strange noise issue is not an issue that can be fixed by anyone; it can only be handled by professionals. Since the various sounds can indicate different issues, which can only be differentiated by a professional AC Servicing Near Me in Hyderabad. Get in touch with one of our AC repair specialists in hyderabad through our listings.


Yes, you can get repair services at Toskie for your old air conditioner. At Toskie, we list verified service professionals who can offer repairs and services for old air conditioners of different types. Some of the types for which they offer services are portable air conditioners, windows air conditioners, split air conditioners, ducted air conditioners, and reverse-cycle air conditioners.

It depends on the company that you hire. If you hire an ac repair and service company with spare parts, they will include the charges with the service charges. If the company doesn’t have spare parts, the charges will be collected separately. However, you must pay separate costs for the spare parts apart from the repair and service charges.

AC service experts at Toskie are equipped with the latest tools to fix your AC gas leakage. Our professionals can also refill the coolant gas post addressing the component’s leakage issue.

Yes, at Toskie, we also offer ac installation and uninstallation services. Air conditioner installation and uninstallation services include professional evaluation, review & recommendation, site preparation, installing or uninstalling the system, and handing over. If you have any queries or doubts regarding this, we have professionals who can help you. Visit Toskie to get in touch with the best AC Servicing Near Me.

AMC is the annual maintenance contract that covers essential services and maintenance. Basic AMC includes all the services, but it does not cover the charges for the spare parts. An advanced AMC covers all the services, including almost all the spare parts. Comprehensive AMC is similar to an extended warranty; it almost covers all the spare parts, but you can exclude the parts you don’t need and customize them as per your requirement.

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