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In recent years, the rapid growth in web technology uncovers significant trends in turning Hypertext Markup Language(HTML)5 into a worldwide web consortium. This progressive growth leads the Front End Developer to reshape the web industry.

To define the front face of brand identity, many enterprises are figuring out the significance of front-end development frameworks and libraries such as React, Angular, Ionic, and more. For them, enhanced user experience is the priority operation in website development.

A calculative market share of user interface frameworks from 2019 to 2021 exposes the sharp rise in the popularity of front-end technologies in a short time.

Why Deploy Front End Developer?

Front End Developer is responsible for the outlook of a website. Whatever you see on the web pages, such as images, videos, or animation, is because of Front End Developer technical expertise. They ensure users will get data in an easy-to-read format.

Front-end development allows developers to turn data into a graphical interface using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It lets users interact with data without facing the chaos of coding or any technical settings. Keep in mind that website design controls 75% of website credibility.

Factors that would help to pick the best front end development company

Decision-making is the fundamental step that leads you to adopt the right strategy for your business progress. Likewise, choosing the most appropriate Front End Developer company can increase your business revenue by building a unique brand identity. So, hire Front End Developer wisely.

Go through the following pointers to evaluate the depth of your decision:


Responsive design ensures that a website or application adapts to various screen sizes and devices, providing a consistent user experience. It involves using CSS media queries and flexible grid layouts to optimize content presentation on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Performance optimization involves techniques like minimizing HTTP requests, leveraging browser caching, optimizing images, and using asynchronous loading. I also focus on efficient coding practices, such as reducing DOM manipulation and utilizing CSS and JavaScript minification.

CSS Grid is designed for two-dimensional layouts, allowing for both rows and columns, while Flexbox is a one-dimensional layout model for either rows or columns. Flexbox is best suited for distributing space along a single axis, while Grid is more versatile for complex layouts.

I test my code across multiple browsers during development, using tools like Browser Stack. I also adhere to web standards, avoid browser-specific features, and use vendor prefixes when necessary. Additionally, I stay updated on browser compatibility tables and known issues.

Progressive enhancement is an approach to web development that starts with a basic, functional version of a website and then adds more advanced features for browsers that support them. This ensures a core user experience for all, regardless of their device or browser capabilities.

I use image compression techniques, lazy loading for images, and choose appropriate image formats. For fonts, I prefer using web-safe fonts when possible, and when custom fonts are necessary, I load them asynchronously or use font-display to control the font rendering behavior.

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