Makeup artist near me

Makeup artist near me


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Toskie is the go-to resource for discovering and connecting with wedding design & execution talent around the globe. Over 5,000+ Makeup Artist Near Me use our platform to meet young couples looking to plan their wedding.

Price Range : Makeup Artist Near Me in Hyderabad on our website charge an average of Rs 12000- Rs 18000 for a bridal makeup. The most reasonable options start from INR 8000 while the best artist may charge up to Rs 1,00,000/- for a single bridal makeup.

Explanation of the Makeup Services offered by Makeup Artist Near Me in Hyderabad with average prices

HD Makeup : HD Makeup is a foundation -based makeup where finer lines on the face, blemishes and other spots are covered whit a slightly thick layer of makeup. This is one of the most popular makeup choices of brides in Delhi, Mumbai & other big cities. Most TV actors also use this type of makeup as it stays stable for longer.

Avg price (Mid-Range)- Rs 12000 to Rs 20000

Airbrush Makeup – Air brush makeup is a modern makeup application technique that has found the fancy of brides and stars alike. Airbrush makeup is light and is applied with a specialised Airgun. The foundation used in Airbrush bridal makeup is silicone based and provides smooth, elastic coverage. The uniformity and smooth texture of foundation is achieved through the special equipment of airbrush bridal makeup and the experience hand of the bridal makeup artist.

Avg price (Mid-Range)- Rs 16000 to Rs 25000

Natural Makeup – This type of makeup focuses on enhancing the bride’s naturally sharp features and skin tone. The use of cosmetics is limited and the makeup artist attempt to keep all application subtle and restricted. Also known as Nude Makeup or Minimalistic Makeup; this is a favourite with brides who enjoy subtle and elegant class. Goes best with day weddings and pastel or dark colour bridal attire.

Avg price (Mid-Range)- Rs 15000 to Rs 28000

Party Makeups: Brides and the close family; Bridesmaids, Groom’s sister & mother etc attend a range of functions in the 18 months of getting hitched & subsequently married. Party makeups provide a classy lift to the overall appearance of the bride and the close family on the bride & groom side. Makeup Artists on Toskie App provide a range of party makeup looks.

Avg price (Mid-Range)- Rs 4000 to Rs 8000

Side makeups for Family/Guest– Members of the extended family and relatives travelling from other cities and friends are integral part of the wedding festivity. They are always looking for help with regards to hair styling, basic makeup and dress draping. Our makeup artists offer very economical and customised side makeups for family and guests of our brides.

Avg price (Mid-Range)- Rs 2000 to Rs 5000


The cost is determined by level of experience, expertise, and the type of make-up you want, such as AirBrush, HD, or ordinary. It can cost anything between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 50,000 every session, and even more. In addition, salon-based bridal makeup artists are more expensive than independent bridal makeup artists.

Bridal makeup cost varies from 7k to 50k. You can select your location and vendor by visiting the Toskie portal. You will be see multiple registered makeup artists across the country.

Both are good, and your decision is based on considerations such as skin type and budget. Airbrushing is for oily skin types, but HD make-up is for all skin types. Airbrush makeup is a light makeup that is applied using an airbrush. A silicone-based liquid foundation is placed into the airgun’s small chamber and sprayed onto the bride’s face. When the trigger is pressed, a mist of foundation covers the face for a flawless finish, and the makeup mixes together seamlessly. However, airbrush makeup may not be able to completely conceal defects, necessitating some manual correction by professionals. For contouring and highlighting, HD makeup is preferable. HD makeup is recommended if you have imperfections or acne areas.

If you’re having trouble deciding on the best Makeup Artist Near Me for your special day, Toskie is here to help. Simply go to the internet and search forMakeup Artist Near Me, then use the various filters such as the city and location filter, as well as other needs such as the makeup artist necessary for, and a list of the top Makeup Artist Near Me will appear in front of you. You may quickly check their prices, read real brides’ feedback, and even look at their work before contacting the makeup artist.

Whether you are looking for an affordable bridal makeup package or looking for premium makeup artists, you can find them at Toskie App. Just explore through all listed Makeup Artist Near Me at our portal and select the one as per your budget and requirements. So here you can find different makeup packages for traditional bridal makeup or other types of modern bridal makeup.

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